The Cook
Aliases: Thomas Graves
Tara Genovese
Identity: Hidden
Species: Human
Gender: Female/Transsexual
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Angel Falls
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 132 lbs
Occupation: Socialite
Creator(dA name): CandelaGreene & Cyn-this
Base of Operation(s): Guardian Liaison Bureau
Affiliations: Guardian Liaison Bureau
Global Intelligence Retrieval and Logistics Service
Marital Status: Single
Mother: Phyllis Graves
Father: Robert Graves (deceased)
Relatives: Gina Stewart
Frank Graves
Yvonne Glass
Gregory Graves
Melissa Graves
(all Brothers and Sisters)

The Cook is more of an actual title then a name. The Cook refers to Thomas Graves former profession as a chemist that produced designer drugs such as Spike. The name became known when he worked for the Dock Father. Since then, even after his staged death the Cook moniker is associated with high quality designer narcotics stemming from Spike.

Thomas Graves Edit

Born in the affluent Greenback area, Thomas Graves was one of 6 children to Robert, and Phyllis Graves. He was the baby of the 6, and was born5 years after his closest relative Melissa. He went to school at Angel Falls PS 172. It was an inner city school located in the barrio. He chossen to attend school in the city rather then private schooling like his siblings. He performed well in school making the honor roll 4 years straight, and picking up a scholarship in Chemistry at Yale University. During his High School years he developed a friendship with Ramone Benitez, and Juanita Alvarez. Ramone came the closest thing to a brother to him during these years, and gave him street savvy. Juanita who moved to Angel Falls from New York was his first crush. He would persevere his awkwardness to get close to her, but his own inadequacies would hold him back to letting her know his true feelings. In the end Ramone would date Juanita and Thomas would admire her from afar.

The Cook is born Edit


Thomas Graves circa 2007

Thomas Graves, became an aspiring chemist who graduated from Yale in 2002, He landed a high paying job at Tanner Pharmaceuticals. His connections with Ramone Benitez, and the Warrior 76 gang would also make him a supplier for street narcotics. He picked up the nickname The Cook and reveled in the power that came with the title. In 2003 he created Spike, and became number one producer in the area. But by 2004, he was under investigation for using Company supplies, and manufacturing to produce it. In time he was found guilty of the charges. Rather then alert the authorities he was fired, and would not receive any endorsements to secure a job in pharmacy again. Jobless and unable to secure the material to produce more narcotics he was informed that the Dock Father was looking for a new cook. He would perfect his recipe for Spike, and later develop Venus drugs.

Drug Addiction Edit

Thomas began to sample his own product and became addicted to Spike by 2005. His use of the drug Spike became prevalent in 2007 when Ramone annouced he was leaving Angel Falls for San Diego in hopes to sale Spike on the west coast. He also took Juanita with him leaving Thomas in Angel Falls. Unbeknown to her, Thomas was in love with her, yet never told her.

Total Submission and Death Edit

By 2008 Thomas was depressed, and hopelessly addicted that he was totally under the Dock fathers control. The success of Venus Drugs was more prevalent in the Gay, and Lesbian communities. He was also eying the Transgendered community that he had a fascination with. Thomas then developed a hybrid drug called Benders. the hopes were that the drug could gradually change a persons gender. The Dock Father who was anxious for the drug, as ell as having a fetish for Transsexuals had secretly replaced Thomas Spike with the untested dosages of benders. The benders started irreversible changes in his body, he then became female in appearance but retained his male genitals. With this Thomas depression hit an all time low as he attempted suicide. After the third attempt, the Dock Father arranged for his death by placing DNA, blood samples, and clothing in Angel bay, enough evidence to fool the authorities into believing that Thomas Graves was dead.

Tara Genovese Edit


Tara Genovese circa 2008

Tara was everything the Dock Father had hoped for as she was still the Cook, the supply of Spike never dwindled and kept the competition scratching their heads. He build her up as a socialite by publicly appearing with her at huge social events. She became a media darling, and was approached to model, as well act. Although Tara was no longer depressed she still had submitted herself as the Dock Father used Spike to initiate intimate sessions with her. By 2010, the Valenti Crime family had grown and have flooded Angel Falls with a number of narcotics. The Dock Father placed blind faith in a gang leaader named Toro to distribute Spike. Instead he stole from the Dock Father and sold the product for Valenti. He also abducted the Cook which he hired Shard to retrieve with Silver Mist. The rescue would leave the Warrior 76 without a leader, as well Tara would finally stand up against the Dock Father, and regain some freedom in hopes to end her addiction to Spike.

On her Own Edit


The Cook during the Dark Doll crisis.

In 2011, Tara was one human among Meta-humans, Aliens, and other living (and some non-living) heroes that came to save the world from destruction. Her ordeal with the Warrior 76 lead to Silent Hills when the Dark Doll came seeking Invictus and Silver Mist. At the time Tara had revealed that she is Thomas Graves to Juanita Alvarez. It all ended horribly when Eveilus assimilated her, yet Tara somehow knew she was alive. She along with Shard, and Rolanus went to the Angel Falls University collider to save her. Their efforts paid off as they distracted Eveilus long enough so the Changeling could save 72 souls that were assimilated by her including Juanita.

This same courage would be displayed when Tara was faced with two former colleagues Tamara Anker, and Lyle Anderson. Both of which helped make Spike and both believing Tara had sold out Spike to make a profit. It was Angel who saved Lyle (whom now was Lydia) from plunging to her death and show her the truth behind their blind jealousy. The two would turn themselves in, and release the secrets that would make Spike non addictive.

Unique Cook

Amanda Sterling and Tara Genovese are agents for the GLB.

Withe Spike no longer illegal, and the Dock Father no longer a threat to her Tara was approached by the Guardian Liaison Bureau to become an Agent. She would be teamed up with Amanda Sterling (whom is believed to be the Doll Maker) as an elite team to fight crimes not necessarily in Guardians Jurisdiction. They both would be placed on the roster for the Global Intelligence Retrieval and Logistics Service.

Relationships Edit

The Cook has been in a number of relationships, none with a true happy ending.

  • Polygirl - Became friends during the Dark Doll crisis. they still stay in contact.
  • Silver Mist/Juanita Alvarez - Initially she tried to reignite the love they had, but unable to as Juanita was in love with Shard.
  • Rolanus - Rolanus took her under his wing to teach her how to defend herself and not to rely on others.
  • Siren/Rosalind Chambers - The only true love that Tara has found as herself and not as the memory of Thomas Graves. Rosalind broke off their relationship because she knew herself would sabotage the love they have.

Abilities Edit

  • Expert Marksman with high powered arms.
  • Martial Arts expert.
  • Has an annoying knack of getting into and out of dangerous situations.

Weakness Edit

  • Addicted to Spike, accelerated sexual appetite

Appearances Edit