Haunting Shade
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Thief
Father: Haunting Shade II
Relatives: Haunting Shade I (Grandfather)

The Haunting Shade is the granddaughter of the Golden-Age thief and daughter of the Silver-Age thief of the same name.

History Edit

The circumstances of her birth were amateur eugenics, as her father had intentionally chosen a lithe acrobat to be the mother. After the birth of the daughter, the father and grandfather took the baby girl and disappeared. In seclusion, they trained her to steal and fight. Finally, after turning 18, they sent her off on her own, giving her the mantel (and outfit) of The Haunting Shade.

The Wildcard Edit

The closest thing she has to a "Real" name is Shade. She has no birth certificate or any record of her existence. She has aliases (Robyn Banks, Robyn Steel, Robyn Graves), but no actual identity other than her thieving moniker.

Abilities Edit

Shade is a master thief, having dedicated her entire life to rigorous training of picking pockets, picking locks, bypassing security systems, stealth, and escape artistry. She has also trained in several forms of martial arts.

Personality Edit

Simply put, Shade loves to steal; it's all she really knows. Not having an actual need for money, she loves the challenge of difficult thefts. She' is very up-front and abrupt with people, not wasting time on inane pleasantries. She values her reputation and always follows her contracts. She also has a strict personal code against killing.