The World's Wickedest Weed
World's Wickedest Weed Pathetic Virgin by Sean-Loco-ODonnell
Aliases: Weedy
Real Name: Cannabis Sativa
Identity: Public
Species: Plant
Hair: None
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'0"
Weight: Varies, usually 110 lbs.
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Creator(dA name): PatheticVirgin
Base of Operation(s): Angel Falls
Affiliations: Canadian Syndicate


The World's Wickedest Weed is the result of an early attempt at genetic engineering, specifically to create stronger hemp, in 1934. However, the science behind the experiment was not understood at the time, and so when one of the plants was cross pollinated with an illegally grown marijuana plant that was in the area, it mutated into a humanoid form. Intelligent from the moment of it's creation, it called itself the World's Wickedest Weed. Driven by the need to seek fun by causing choas, it soon began a criminal enterprise focused on drug dealing, but this was eventually brought down by law enforcement. It managed to escape and start a new drug ring somewheres else in North America. This cycle continued for decades, encountering numerous superheroes during this time, including one it referred to as a "Big Red Cheese" in the 1940's and the L.A. Protector in the 1980's. The latter died during a battle with the Weed when his stun pellet gun malfunctioned and exploded. In 1942, it was hired by the Nazi Baron Von Krieg to cause chaos. However, when it went to collect it's payment, Von Krieg captured it. In retaliation, it killed and dismembered him and then mailed his body parts to Berlin.

A few years ago, the Weed was approached by the Occupant, who wished to start a criminal organization in the city of Angel Falls. Not having any experience in that field, he offered the Weed a chance to become his right hand plant and advise him. Intrigued by the offer, it accepted and joined the Canadian Syndicate. In addition to being second-in-command, it also runs the drug producing and selling arm of the Syndicate. Since joining, it has assisted the Occupant in dealing with fellow crimelord Tara "Nekro" DeLioncourt, and in absorbing the remains of the 3rd Street Kings into the Canadian Syndicate; dealt with an attack by the new L.A. Protector, the son of the original; helped counter a raid by the Fourth Reich; and had scientist in it's employ analyze a sample of the drug Spike in hopes of replicating it. More recently, it attempted to broker a deal with out of town crimelord "Wild" Oscar, and punished him and his bodyguard the Cougar when Oscar's morals prevented the deal from proceeding, an act which earned it the ire of the Cougar.

World s wickedest weed by inspector97 by pathetic virgin-d5htwna

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Sometime later, after the defection of Raging Bull, the Weed observed the Occupant acting more erratic, and considered the telepath's vendetta to be needlessly cruel. When the vigilante known as the Widow attack one of the Syndicates drug manufacturing centers, it battled her to allow it's employees to escape. Following the Occupant's seeming death, the Weed took over leadership of the Canadian Syndicate and soon discarded whatever it didn't find interesting. It also made a truce with Fourth Reich leader Genocide and gave her fifty bars of Nazi gold it had been holding on to as reparations. It soon lured Sahlia, who had reignited the Reich-Syndicate some time before, into a trap where it then spanked her as punishment. It also stepped up assaults on the Dock Father's interests in an attempt to gain greater control over the Angel Fall's drug trade.


The Weed's body has no vital anatomy, so most physical attacks don't affect it. Also, it can contort it's body and stretch it's limbs short distances. It has taken non-sentient cuttings from itself, so when it's body is destroyed, it can project it's consciousness into one of them, which will rapidly grow into his normal form. Although skinny, it possesses strength equal to an average human male.

It's touch can cause short-term memory loss, loss of motor control, and an altered state of consciousness. Leaves taken from it, when dried and smoked, allow the Weed to control the people who smoke it.

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The World's Wickedest Weed is a Golden Era article as subject concerns Angel Falls before the 1950's