U1tratropolis prime by candelagreene-d31e568
Aliases: That Alien Bitch
Verna Goodkind
Real Name: Yyr-Na
Identity: Secret
Species: Velorian
Gender: Female
Citizenship: U1tropolis
Place of Birth: Velor
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brilliant Green
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210 lbs
Occupation: Lawyer, Villain
Creator(dA name): U1trawoman
Marital Status: In a Relationship:
Relatives: Vivian Vance (cloned)

Ultrawoman file is incomplete as there is very little intelligence on her officially. The known facts of her are even alien to her as well, but as information trickles in we find out more, and more about her. In general the public considers her a Goddess, or an Alien Bitch as she is possibly the number #1 reason why the cost of living is so high in Angel Falls for the property damage she causes. Among Villains she is number #1, and has a list of Guardians that she considers her 'Personal Rivals', most imfamous are Soviet Superwoman, and Walkiria.

Earth History Edit

First Site Edit

Little is known of Ultrawoman prior to her arrival on earth in 1943. Examination of confiscated Nazi records reveals that on June 13, German shipyard workers witnessed a “Mighty Battle” between a” blonde goddess and dark haired man of great physical strength” at the shipyards and submarine pens at Bremen. Within minutes of the beginning of their conflict, Allied aircraft from the 92nd Bomb group struck, supporting the supposition that Bremen was under a coordinated attack.

The male perished in the battle, with the strangely garbed woman collapsing later from physical exhaustion. A board of inquiry later determined that the dead man was likely an Allied operative. While the identity/origin of the woman was unknown, her actions were indicative that she was sympathetic to the Nazi cause, in she had prevented the British or American agent from achieving his objective of totally destroying a shipyard considered vital to the war effort.

Aryan Womanhood Edit

The woman was immediately taken to a military hospital for study and treatment, while the body of the Allied agent was removed for dissection and study by German scientists. Despite no sign of physical injury the woman remained in a coma for several days. Known only as the “heroine of Bremen by anxious doctors and nurses under tremendous pressure to revive her, they could do little more than make her comfortable. Attempts to draw blood, and administer injections failed as they were unable to pierce her skin, and she did not respond to medications administered orally. By the fourth day her nurses were doing little more for her than keeping her bedding clean, and opening the drapes so that their patient might at least be in a brighter and less depressing room; when she spontaneously woke from the coma for no apparent reason.

Though she showed no sign of physical injury; other than her invulnerability the heroine of Brenen’s other abilities were slow to return, and she had no memory of who she was, how she was able to do these amazing things, or how she has come to be in the shipyards.

Interrogation by the SS was unproductive in gaining further information; however they were very effective in indoctrinating her and gaining her trust and sympathy in their struggle to save the very existence of her native Germany. Being extremely tall for a woman of the 1940’s, with rich blond hair and vibrant blue eyes, and possessing great strength, Vyr-Na was the living personification of the ideal of Aryan womanhood. She was given/adopted the name Brunhilde, a mighty female warrior, one of the Valkyries, and a heroine from the German epics.

Nazi Heroine Edit

Vyr-na saw service under the Gestapo. until nearly the end of the war, leading an elite team of female warrior’s code named the Walküre’s (Valkyries). Ironically the uniform designed for her by German propagandists contained gold, which prevented her from achieving her full potential in strength and abilities. While the quantity/quality of this gold was not enough to completely de-power her, it was sufficient enough to prevent her from fully recovering her powers, and in reinforcing her amnesia. It also made her far less effective as a weapon. Had she regained her full strength it is likely Germany would have won World War II.

Brunhilde and her Walküre’s campaigns brought her into conflict with Allied heroes such as Captain America, Apex, Wonder Woman, and others. While she was never fully able to vanquish any of these foes, neither were they able to vanquish her. She personally received many medals and she and the Walküre’s were the highest decorated German soldiers of the war for their ability to keep these Allied heroes in check. Hitler himself is said to have invited her to Eagles Nest on numerous occasions where he is rumored to have taken a “special interest: in her. It is further speculated that she was present on July 20, 1944, and was standing between Hitler and the bomb when it exploded, saving his life.

Brunhilde disappeared in 1945, and there are conflicting reports of events just prior to her vanishing. Many believed her killed while on R&R with Red Skull who it is rumored to have had romantic interests in the heroine of Bremen. Recent scholars however put forth the theory that her amnesiac state had began to clear and she was appalled to find herself in conflict with her core principles. By then however the Nazis were intimately familiar with her strengths and weaknesses and neutralized her before she could act against them.

Reappearance Edit

Nothing is known of Brunhilde’s activities between 1945 and 2001. A number of Nazi hunters attempted without success to find her and rumors abounded that she was living in Argentina with Hitler himself, though no real evidence exists to support this theory.

On New Years Day, 2001, a fully recovered Vyr-na reappeared taking on the persona of a heroine, however soon came into conflict with the next generation of superhero, giving no clue or explanation as to where she had been for over fifty-six years. Despite her extended absence her physical appearance is exactly as it was in the 1940s.

Recent Revelations Edit

In 2011 Vyr-na was approached by Astrid Summers with a proposal to capture the android heroine Cynthis. The proposal was backed with the promise of creating an Army of Ultrawoman. Astrid created 50 clones and tested the first by capturing Cynthis (and destroying some of Downtown Angel falls in the process). the creation of the clones was a crowning achievement for Vyr-na, but it was the Changeling, with help from Morganna, and Cynthis that defeated Astrid's plan, and captured the clones. Vyr-na would escape, and take Astrid as her slave in an initial attempt to find and retrieve her clones.

Months later Astrid had exposed herself to Dark matter, and irreverently released the Dark Doll. She also wish to obtain the Velorian clones to use as her body, but knew that Ultrawoman must be neutralized before she could attempt it. A massive battle between the Charnarth, and the Velorian took place on Eden Island. It ended in shock when Eveilus assimilated Vyr-na.

All was lost as all she needed was the last clone Vivian Vance. But working with the Changeling, and the Doll Maker they neutralized her and freed all she assimilated including Ultrawoman. The resulting battle started a matter/anti-matter explosion that saw both Ultrawoman, and Eveilus vaporized. Vivian moving at close to the speed of light asorbed the energy and released it in space. The resulting explosion was said to destroy her as well. But the fact is not only Vivian survived, but Eveilus and Vyr-na survived as well. Although she has returned to being Ultrawoman, she still realizes that if she survived so did Eveilus, and she will come for her again.

Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Strength- Can deadlift about 90 tons –(slightly more but for extremely limited lengths of time when drawing on her energy reserves)
  • Flight (Capable of out of atmosphere flight)
  • Retinal Projection (heat vision)
  • 'Tachyon vision- Can decode where tachyons have passed allowing her to see through most objects
  • Sight- Several times greater than an eagle.
  • True Invulnerability- (retains invulnerability even with the loss of other powers when exposed to her weakness)
  • Enhanced Speed- Can sustain mach 1+ without strain, though above mach 1.5 in atmosphere Ultrawoman develops flight instabilities limiting her maneuverability and control. Reports of flight above mach 3 have been filed by USAF tracking stations.
  • Reflexes- Dozens of times faster than human, she can watch a bullet floating toward her and reach out and pluck it out of mid-air at the last moment
  • Hearing- Slightly better than a dog

Weakness Edit

Unknown to public or most agencies

A band of gold around her neck or body will interfere with internal energy flows and reduce her strength to nearly human levels while making her act and feel as if she's consumed excessive amounts of alcohol.