Aliases: Vivian Vance
Identity: Secret
Species: Velorian (clone)
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Angel Falls
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 187
Occupation: Military Liaison, Guardian
Creator(dA name): CandelaGreene (with permission from U1trawoman)
Base of Operation(s): Guardian Liaison Bureau, Guardian Hall
Affiliations: GLB, Guardians
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Annika Sorenson
Astrid Summers

Valkeris is a genetic clone of U1trawoman. She is one of 50 Clones made by the Doll Maker to be an army to take over Angel Falls. It was Cynthis, and Morganna who defeated her. Working with Doctor Maya Hudson she was programmed to be a well adjusted human female, as well to be a force for justice.

Zero One Edit

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U1traclone Zero-One and U1trawoman

Zero One was the Valkeris original name. She was created by Astrid Summers in a bid to get on U1trawomans good side so she would help capture the android Cynthis, Although she possessed every aspect of the real U1trawoman, her mind was programmed which was a disadvantage. After her defeat, she was taken to Area 51 with her sisters as the United States Government took possession of them all.

A Human Alien Edit

Maya Hudson was called on by Admiral Richard Hayes to develop the clone into a well adjust individual. Most in the military were not pleased by her efforts as Vivian avoided using her abilities for destruction. Maya believed she need to experience more humanity, so they were taken to ElVado New Mexico. Along with Maya were a small military team operating hidden. Vivian was awe struck when she met Sheriff Jonah Parsons, they would become close rather fast. Vivian was enjoying the time out of the base, but behind the scenes the Dark Doll was searching for her clones. With all but one found, she located Vivian and went to work reeling her in by abducting Jonah, and Maya. Going against orders she went to Angel Falls to face off against the Dark Doll. It was then she learned that she wanted her Velorian body as she had already assimilated U1trawoman. She along with te Changeling, and the Doll Maker came up with a plan to defeat the Dark Doll. It was all going well until U1trawoman was freed when she fought the Dark Doll she irreverently triggered a matter/anti-matter explosion. With no time to waste Vivian absorbed the explosion and flew close if not at the speed of light into space, and released the energy causing the largest explosion anyone had ever witnessed. Vivian, U1trawoman, and the Dark Doll were presumed destroyed in the explosion. Several days later a meteor would strike the outfield of a ballpark after the final out was made. The meteor turned out to be Vivian where she was taken to the Bethesda Naval Medical facility to recover. she was given a new identity by the same name, and made a Military Liaison Officer for the Guardian Liaison Bureau.

Enter the Valkeris Edit

Valkeris 1.0

The first appearance of the Valkeris.

She chosen the name the Valkeris as to recognize Annika Sorenson as her creator. She changed her hair color as well so she wouldn't be mistaken as U1trawoman. Over this time she was allowed to become a Guardian as she was a Liaison to the Guardians. She has been instrumental in several Guardian related emergencies. She also assist shutting down Manny Costello's scheme to monopolize the drug cartel from the Dock Father.

Relationships Edit

In the short time she has been created, Vivian have left some lasting impressions on these characters.

  • Colonel Jonah Parsons - The one time sheriff of El Vado New Mexico. He became very close to her upon her introduction as Maya Hudsons daughter. They would become somewhat intimate until the Dark Doll abducted him and Maya to lure her to Angel Falls. Since the incident Jonah is her superior, and although they are close friends it is unclear of any intimacy between them.
  • Maya Hudson - Maya was bought into the project to help Vivian be human. Over the time she worked with her she became a mentor for her. Vivian chooses to believe even though she is a clone that Maya is her mother.

Cynthis, and the Valkeris in a Rook cloning facility.

  • Changeling - Upon the crisis of the Dark Doll the Changeling was forced into a relationship with the Valkeris to save the world. It wasn't until her return that they become close enough to be trusted. Also it was her request to have her in the Guardians as their in person Liaison.

Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Strength- Can deadlift about 90 tons –(slightly more but for extremely limited lengths of time when drawing on her energy reserves)
  • Flight (Capable of out of atmosphere flight)
  • Retinal Projection (heat vision)
  • 'Tachyon vision- Can decode where tachyons have passed allowing her to see through most objects
  • Sight- Several times greater than an eagle.
  • True Invulnerability- (retains invulnerability even with the loss of other powers when exposed to her weakness)
  • Enhanced Speed- Can sustain mach 1+ without strain, though above mach 1.5 in atmosphere Ultrawoman develops flight instabilities limiting her maneuverability and control. Reports of flight above mach 3 have been filed by USAF tracking stations.
  • Reflexes- Dozens of times faster than human, she can watch a bullet floating toward her and reach out and pluck it out of mid-air at the last moment
  • Hearing- Slightly better than a dog

Weakness Edit

Unknown to public or most agencies

A band of gold around her neck or body will interfere with internal energy flows and reduce her strength to nearly human levels while making her act and feel as if she's consumed excessive amounts of alcohol.

Appearance Edit


Valkeris Is on the Guardian Support Roster. Those that work behind the scenes but are not part of the fighting force.