Weird Science: Issue 1
Creator: TrekkieGal
Writer: TrekkieGalTheGreatEdski
Editor: TrekkieGal
Artist: Various
(predomiently TrekkieGal)
Number of Chapters: 91
Heroes: Changeling
Arc Bine
Fantastic Lin
Soul Train
Soviet Superwoman
White Owl
Will Power
Villains: Doll Maker
Silver Mist
Dock Father
Wildcards: The Cook
Other Key Characters: Annika Sorenson
Angela Mason
Cheryl Crown
George Nash
Henry Cage
Jeffrey McGuire
Jonah Parsons
Matthew Robertson
Matthew Crowne
Mia Valentine
Maya Hudson
Ramone Benitez
teve Stone
Toro Velasquez
Date Posted: December 2010
Previous Story: Dark Matter Annual: Jail Break
Next Story: Changeling: Volume 1 Issue 4

Title Edit

Dark Doll

Synopsis Edit

The entire story involves several sub arc's that all converge into the dramatic conclusion.

Slavery Edit

We open with Astrid Summers in the throws of passion with Jeffrey McGuire where she laments that she is a slave, a touy, and a variable monster created to follow her masters wishes. She is burning both ends of the candle as runs missions for Vyr-na who is looking for her clones to re-patriot them, and Jeffrey who is eager to delay the start of the Vertical collider as he fears that GLOBEX will take an economic hit if it suceeds.

Pressured by this Astrid seeks out Invictus and obtains a strand of her hair in hopes of re-animating the Dark Matter to use for herself. She succeeds, but unwittingly she gives her body to Eveilus who assumes her identity and carries out their plot for her own evil ends.

  • Find the clones and assimilate them and use their Veloran DNA to create a new body for herself freeing her from the Dark Realm.
  • Use the anti-matter reaction from the collide to create a portal to initiate the transformation. By crossing the threshold it will destroy all life on earth.

Project Valkeris Edit

Maya Hudson has reprogrammed the Ultrawoman clone known as Zero-one into a somewhat normal human female, and wants her to live among humans so she can adjust to normal life rather then waste away on a military laboratory. Much to the military's dismay, they relent and they go on the field to El Vado New Mexico where she finds a love interest in Jonah Parsons the town sheriff and former marine soldier.

The Collider Edit

Admiral Hayes gets a clue on how to contact the Changeling from Cheryl Crowne. He reveals government suspicions that the Doll Maker may be after the Ultra-clones and believe that the vertical Collider may be in jeopardy. He ask the Changeling for help, but the [Silver Mist]] overhears the conversation and reports back to Invictus.

Invictus was unconcerned by these matters, yet she sensed something was wrong. After a chat with Invigo (her Dark Realm Guide) she knew now that Eveilus had surely escaped her Dark Realm Prison and was in possession of a body. This prompted her to contact the Changeling and warn her of the impending danger that will occur. The main concern was that Invictus knew that the collider was needed for her goal to retain a body

Spike Edit

The Dock Father had evicted the Warrior 76 street gang from the dock district with much fan fare. Silver Mist unknowingly accompanied Shard, and killed several members. In return the gang under command of Toro Velasquez kiddnapped Tara Genovese, the Dock Fathers mistress.

With the return of Ramone Benitez, he retook control of the gang, and killed Toro for skimming millions of dollars off the top from drug sales, and gun running. We also find out after a visit with Tara, that she was once Thomas Graves, the Cook and creator of the narcotic Spike as well as an ongoing friendship with. Ramone decides to exchange to Cook for assurances of returning to the previous darug sales arrangement, as well that he deliver the two responsible for the death of their brothers.

Juanita finding herself revealed about Ramone being released as well of hi plans by Invictus and Shard finds herself torn between the gang, and Ramone or siding with the Dock Father and Shard. She runs off and using her abilities infiltrate the Warrior 76, and finds out that Ramone is no better then Toro as he plans to kill Shard for the same reasons the Dock Father wants then destroyed. he returns and makes Shard promise not to kill anyone during the transfer, and she would come as well. Yet even the knowledge of the trap proved to backfire as Juanita tried to reason with Ramone, who despite their relationship treated her as a traitor and used a device that would destroy her. Shard would disarm all the remaining gang members except Ramone who gives him a choice, his life, or Juanita's. Shard leaving himself open after deactivating the trap on Juanita is fired on by Ramone, but Juanita with her last bit of strengthguides the bullet back towards Ramone killing him.

More to come, this is a long one.

Note Edit

  • First appearance of the Valkeris, the Cook, Eveilus, Mia Valentine, and Jonah Parsons.
  • First Guardian team up with multiple Guardians.
  • First mentioning of Jural Kirin
  • First Transgendered character ever created Tara Genovese.
  • First appearance of the narcotic Spike, Venus Drugs, and Benders.
  • The Empire State Railroad, and Atlantic Seaboard Railroad appear thanks to TheGreatEdski who made the models as well the photographs.
  • No renders were made for this issue other then the cover.

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