Wildcards (group)
Leader: none
Current Members: Arachnia, Ashkii (Abraham), Centurion (Marcus Vale), Figment, the Haunting Shade,the Lineman (Greg Seavey), Sasha, the Widow (Lydia Brookner)

The events that that led to the informal grouping of vigilantes began when the apocalyptic cult called the Magnusians were denied tax exempt status. In retaliation, the leader of the cult, Simon Magnus, decided to hasten what he believed to be the enviable downfall of the modern world by setting off a series of bombs in schools and day care centers in Angel Falls. After securing a large amount of bomb making materials, one of the Magnusians was sent into the city to test a small bomb in a department story. It exploded, injuring many people, but the misunderstood heroine Arachnia, who had been present in her civilian disguise, followed the bomber afterwards and learned of the plot after capturing him. Meanwhile, the thief the Haunting Shade, having heard of the wealth the Magnusians possessed, snuck into the compound to steal it but was captured due to their increased security. Soon after, Greg Seavy, secretly the vigilante the Lineman, went to the compound as part of his job for the Angel Falls County Power Services to investigate a dramatic increase of electricity consumption but was also captured. Meanwhile the temporally displaced warrior Ashkii, angered that Magnus had falsely claimed to be Native American, infiltrated the compound to confront him, but encountered Arachnia who informed him of the Magnusians' plot. The Widow, having learned about the cult obtaining bomb making material but not knowing how far along their progress was, was monitoring the compound when she encountered La Femme Punisher, who did know about the bombing. As they advanced on the compound, Figment manifested and freed Greg and the Shade. The combined wildcards defeated the cultists and destroyed the bombs as well as the compound, although Simon Magnus managed to escape. Afterwards, LFP expressed interest that the group should remain together, although she wasn't interested in joining it.

Sometime later, Figment and the Lineman liberated a large amount of money from their enemies, the True American Nation, a white supremacist organization that masqueraded as a political movement. Figment suggested using it to fund a group of vigilantes, an idea that the Lineman was opposed to. However, he acceded after they had met with the Widow and she agreed with Figment. they contacted the others, minus LFP, and got them to join by promising various thing: financial gain to the Haunting Shade, companionship to Ashkii and Sasha, and the opportunity to serve as a moderating factor to Arachnia. Later, the superstrong vigilante Centurion would also join. Soon after this, the multi-limbed elf Sahlia would call together the members to manipulate against one of her enemies, the World's Wickedest Weed, although she couldn't locate the Widow and neglected the Haunting Shade. However, the group suspected her and, although they went through with the plan to raid one of the Weed's drug labs, they had the Shade shadow Sahlia, and she stole a large amount of drug money that Sahlia had stolen during the raid.